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Some Ways for Setting up Loudspeakers in Your Home

Setting up some speakers is usually fairly straightforward and can be done by the laymen. However, there are installers out there which can solve some more difficult installation problems. One of the most common problems is to set up loudspeakers in other rooms of your house. One of the inherent problems with this set up is the fact that you will have to distribute the audio to each speaker. Selecting the right components to do the job can be tricky and hiring a professional is sometimes necessary.

However, you can sometimes save some money by doing some of the work yourself. Also you can purchase some wireless equipment such as a Bluetooth receiver or Wi-Fi audio connector in order to stream music instead of running wires through your house. Using wireless equipment is often smart in case you don’t want to renovate or drill holes into walls in your home. However, wireless equipment does have some limitations. First of all, …

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How to Keep Your Audio Equipment up to Date

If you own a computer then you will be familiar with the problem that technology is obsolete after couple of years. Because software vendors rely on the features of modern computers more and more you will be faced with having to upgrade your computer every other year or so if you want to keep the latest version on your system. However, some technologies are not just as much affected by the technology lifecycle such as audio products.

Typically, you should be able to use any type of audio system for at least 10 years. If you keep your system modular that you don’t have to replace the whole system in case some new technology comes along. Let’s take an audio amplifier for example. If you have a modular system then the amplifier will be separate phone. Even though amplifiers have improved quite a lot lately in regards to their output power versus their size, you can use an audio amplifier …

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How Much Should You Spend When Purchasing Loudspeakers?

When buying loudspeakers, you can spend any amount between five dollars and $20,000. However, is it really worth spending more than $1000 on a pair of speakers? I guess there is no simple answer. Everybody has a different budget. However, also everybody’s preference is different. In my opinion, you can get some decent speakers for less than $500. Unless you are a professional who gives concerts, it really doesn’t make sense to fork out more than $5000. Very expensive speakers are usually handcrafted and are more pleasing to the eye then offer significant advantages over cheaper models in terms of sound quality.

The price of speakers obviously also depends on what features the speakers support. Wireless models in particular AirPlay enabled speakers are typically quite pricey. On the other hand, Bluetooth wireless speakers are rather inexpensive which might be surprising. In the example of Bluetooth speakers, the huge amount of competition has driven prices low. However, if you want these …

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Some Alternatives for Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

The fact is that Bluetooth speakers seem to dominate the market of wireless speakers. If you do a quick search for wireless speakers, you will be confronted with literally hundreds of different models. Mostly, Bluetooth speakers target the entry-level market. However, you can also find some models that are priced upwards of $200. I’m going to look at some alternatives to Bluetooth speakers.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Bluetooth speakers is that most models offer fairly poor sound quality. That is hardly surprising if you look at the size of the speakers. However, if you still want to stream Bluetooth to some speakers, you could opt for a Bluetooth audio receiver from or by browsing models at Newegg. These receivers are able to pick up the wireless signal. They convert the Bluetooth signals to audio. The audio is then available at the rear of the receiver. Depending on how you want to connect the receiver, you want …

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A Look at Some Problems of Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Despite their huge popularity, Bluetooth speakers are not infallible. They do have several flaws which I’m going to look at. I’m also going to showcase some solutions for overcoming some of these drawbacks.

wireless pool speakers

One of the problems that these wireless speakers have is poor sound quality. That is pretty much common amongst all entry-level speakers. One of the reasons for this is the small size. Manufacturers are more focused on portability rather than sound quality. Also, low-cost is quite important because of the low retail prices nowadays. Portability is also important for people who take the speakers outdoors. Obviously for use indoors, the weight and size of the speakers is less important.

By definition, speakers which are very small usually have poor bass response. Some manufacturers have come up with different technologies for improving the bass response but none of these speakers can come close to a decent set of bookshelves speakers. So if you do decide to purchase a …

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A Look at Cordless Phones

It seems like everything is going wireless these days. It started with the telephone around 10 years ago. The telephone was one of the most important inventions of the last century. Over time people started to realize that while using the telephone would be convenient in the office, using them at home is less so because people wanted to walk around and do other stuff whilst talking on the phone. Therefore, manufacturers have invented ways to untie the cell phone. There were actually two types of telephones which had emerged from this trend. The first type of telephone was the cordless telephone. The telephone itself looks like the handheld part of the traditional telephone. The difference is that there’s no longer cord attached to it but rather there’s an antenna. In order for these handsets to work, they need to be connected to a base station. The base station is still connected to a phone outlet. This is very similar …

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Why Do Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Have Such a Short Range?

You might think that Bluetooth speakers are perfect for setting up multi-room audio. But you might be surprised to learn that Bluetooth has very short wireless range. In this post, I’m going to look at the reasons for that and also come up with some solutions for setting up speakers throughout the home while keeping in mind that there might be large distances between the transmitter and the speakers.

When trying to determine the maximum range of the wireless device such as Bluetooth speakers, one has to look at the transmitter as well as a receiver. In fact Bluetooth is a bilateral transmission technology. That means that there is the signal going from the transmitter to the speakers and also returned signal being transmitted by the speakers going back to the transmitter. This is necessary in order to protect the signal from interference. Bluetooth is a frequency hopping wireless protocol. That means that it doesn’t operate on the signal frequency …